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With Ghosts – Endings

August 10, 2015 - All, Reviews
With Ghosts – Endings



We got sent this little number from a pop punk band from Swindon called “With Ghosts.” The website is called The Medway Jellyfish but as our about section states ‘We have no boundaries’ and it’s sort of close so fuck it.

You know exactly where you stand in this genre, high pitched vocals with lovely backing harmonies and heartfelt lyrics/vocals, riff fuelled guitars and superb drums from start and finish. “Endings” is a 4 track banger.

Firstly I must state I don’t normally listen to Pop Punk. I occasionally visit the genre, whether that be in some other genre crossing format or music that is closely related to this. I’ve always been a fan of the genre, it’s just not where my heart is. I really appreciate all aspects of the band and usually they have a killer drummer and this case is no different at all. Secondly, regardless of the genre, I will give it my honest opinion.

Sorry I’m not Sorry” is the opening track. It starts with a very far away sounding guitar and drums. This changes very quickly when everyone in the band joins in and sound is restored (great fill). The pace of the song carries itself very well. Three minutes and eleven seconds well spent. “Bury Me” slows down the pace built up from the previous track. An all round great song here, all of the band are on form. Special mention to the main vocals in the chorus. Very sexual.

Strangers” is quite a huge highlight of this release. The lyrics seem to just slice right through and hit every nerve as the drums explode in all different formats, from just keeping to the song to absolutely smashing the granny out of the breakdown. “Just a Ghost” starts out with a riff sounding a lot like a Paramore song from their yester year and only gets better. Nicely done.

My overall view is that pop punk is a double ended sword. This music itself sounds uplifting. It sounds like songs from a summer full of smiles but the words are completely opposite. Mostly about heartbreak and finding that one love. I’ve seen a fair few pop punk bands live and I imagine this band have a lot of energy and deliver their songs expertly.

All aspects of the band are very strong. There’s not a real weak link in the band which is very rare to find nowadays.

The quality of the recording is very high and one thing I always focus on is drums and the sound for them is tip top. Even the artwork for the EP is original, lovely stuff all around.

My only criticisms are that most songs on the EP seem to have the same structure which makes the EP feel a bit samey at points (upon saying that most pop songs have the same structure so why would pop punk be any different?) I believe that there is huge potential here, they just need to experiment with the structures a little bit more.

Like a young Luke Skywalker, the force is strong in this one.

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