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Weekend Recovery – Rumours

July 19, 2016 - All, Reviews
Weekend Recovery – Rumours
Weekend Recovery – Rumours

Weekend Recovery – Rumours  rating

Weekend Recovery – Rumours simon huntWeekend Recovery are back! Or rather Lorin Jane Forster are back with a fresh new direction and style of music, under their new name of Weekend Recovery. Previously LJF played predominantly acoustic singer-songwriter tracks with a hint of rock, but have returned as a balls-to-the-wall pop-rock act with an emphasis on big melodies, crunching riffs and sultry blues guitar. Shakespeare once wrote that ‘a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet’, but this doesn’t account for the improvement that a change in name can bring. Weekend Recovery are blossoming in their new EP ‘Rumours’, and are more vibrant than ever.

The EP opens with ‘Focus’, a pleasant pop rock track which is jaunty, melodious and really bloody catchy in places. It’s going to be stuck in my head all day. The lyrics and music are well written and performed but it’s the strong vocal performance from Lorin Forster which really grabs your attention. The brilliant harmonies on display, with the enchanting alternate melody line lurking just below the lead vocal is a wonderful display of control and adds a delightful dimension to an already enjoyable song.

Track two ‘Sore Loser’ boasts enjoyable riffing and a rolling tribal drumline, immediately drawing the listener forward. Throughout the song guitar, bass and drums are weighted nicely with some enjoyable and brash blues guitar lines. The vocals are ever so slightly reminiscent of Gossip’s Beth Ditto in the range and projection of her voice. Lyrically, the track is effective in its simplicity, particularly in the chorus. However, I do have one minor issue with ‘Sore Loser’ (and one that is probably my own) but the regular usage of the word “running” jars slightly for me, though of course others may enjoy it. (Art is subjective after all).

Thematically, musically and lyrically ‘New Tattoo’ is the strongest on the EP and is a truly captivating song. It has an isolated and bashful tone which meditates on the feeling of inertia and reluctance that often follows heartbreak. The song searches for consolation through the comfort of a maternal relationship, and is executed extremely well. The restraint on display here is fantastic, and allows the band to shine. I find the raw emotionality depicted in ‘New Tattoo’ to be absolutely brilliant, with the bleakness and simplicity of the composition/production perfectly encapsulating the protagonist’s pleas for understanding and warmth. Of the tracks I’ve heard from LJF/Weekend Recovery, ‘New Tattoo’ excels so much as to hint that the band can aspire to another level entirely. Quite simply, the track is a phenomenal piece of song writing and performance and every instrument is perfect. I wish I wrote it.

Title track ‘Rumours’ is a well performed rock and roll track with a refreshingly 80s feel to it. Lead by the fine bass work of Matt Skinner, the track is an addictive and enjoyable way to end the EP. The guitars crunch towards the impressively accomplished solo (for which Jordan Brocklehursts guitar tones are tasteful throughout) ensuring that Weekend Recovery’s ‘Rumours’ EP ends on a high note.

The finely balanced production greatly compliments the distinguished song writing present, along with the obvious talent of all musicians involved. Gone are the random pops and squeaks of the guitar and drums from the last EP. The bass is prominent yet tastefully grounded emphasising Artur Bromfield’s clear and expressive drums while the guitar work throughout the EP is phenomenal, with each riff and solo placed perfectly as and when as needed. Medway Jellyfish stated last time that the last EP didn’t do LJF justice in exhibiting their obvious talent. It’s immensely satisfying that you can hear just how good the band really is on ‘Rumours’. Under the new name of Weekend Recovery they really seem to be finding their feet and are relishing the freedom that this new style of music affords them. It most definitely suits them.

Weekend Recovery will release their new EP ‘Rumours’ on the 29th July. Give it a listen, you’ll love it.

Simon Hunt