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Weekend Recovery Interview & Review

January 26, 2017 - All, Interviews, Reviews
Weekend Recovery Interview & Review
Weekend Recovery


The Medway Jellyfish: Alright Lauren of Weekend Recovery, How’s tricks?

Lauren: Yeahhh it’s going well – a little hectic with everything going on (single launch, tour blah blah) but overall pretty sound.

That’s bloody lovely to hear. How has it been since the release of your EP??

Ace! – I feel the EP was the real kick start WR needed, since that we’ve had a little more notice from promoters, radio and reviewers – especially with the new sound – since the EP we had Sean (Caney) join the band who really brings the edge that we were kind of missing before

Awe I’m really glad to hear that. It’s really pretty fucking awesome when a good band gets the recognition it deserves. I’ve seen your guys play live with Sean; I must say the addition of the guitarist has really helped a lot

ah cheers, mate – we watched a band called HUJAN that we supported up town – and were like why is there sound so much bigger than ours – and the penny dropped – they had two guitars – I mean it’s not just that Sean had a particular style we wanted (as soon as we decided we needed that second guitar there was no discussion on who we’d ask we all knew)

Uptown? Where abouts is that? I do think the second guitarist has been very welcomed by your fans. I believe the genre also effects how big the sound will be but I could be wrong.

London – we supported them at Surya and Nambucca and there are still talks of us going out to Malaysia to support them there too! I think so with our rock sound the bigger the better – I love a balls to the wall sound – but it also has such an effect when it cuts out to just guitar from the all out loudness!

Wow, going out to Malaysia would be something else. We wish you the best of luck with that. I must say I am a big fan of balls to the wall sound. I agree it gives you so many more options for dynamics within the band

Exactly! I’ve started listening to a lot more bands as well and the difference dynamics can make is immense – A real game changer

100% agree. We’ve been seeing that you have done a crowdfunding page for a Tour? How did that go?

It went really really well – its always scary things like because I think it’s a real testament to how much your fans care about your music but we doubled our target and some! Which really surprised me – I thought we’d struggle to hit our target (which we did in 7 hours) maybe I’m just a pessimist haha! I strongly recommend bands doing this – we got some stick saying we were begging – but it’s a platform for your fans to get some exclusive merch and feel like their part of your journey

I can’t help but agree with you. Its a very scary thing to do but your fans are really supportive and getting your total in 7 hours is incredible. Kudos. I don’t think it is begging the reward system makes it so its not that way in my opinion The new singles a bit of a tuneeeeeeee, Would you like to tell us more about the song? Was the song formed naturally or was it presented to you in a complete form?

Ah thanks man! it came quite naturally – if you ever go through my phone you’ll probably think I’m a little nuts – I have voice recording after voice recording of me singing random tunes or words which tend to come out to be choruses – don’t try and stop me is mainly about a situation with a new partner and they’re ex testing water – and a bit of a fingers up to them – with all our songs they usually start with me writing a very rough version and the boys adding their bit of magic to it

That sounds like a good way of working the song writing. Is this the normal way the band work? Or is it a general mix? Haha I love the subject matter. I think songs that come from a personal issue always turn out to be the bangers.

Yeah, I try to make them fairly general so others can still relate! but I’m sure everyone’s been in a situation with an interfering ex. That’s how we usually work (with regards to writing)- sometimes ill go hey guys chuck me a riff and we see what comes out of it – or hey there’s this song I really like have a listen kind of want something that has this feel etc.

I’m pretty sure we can all relate.
Who is the most recent band you have liked on facebook?

Oh give me two secs and ill tell ya.
Which is weird because I thought I’d already liked em haha! I liked them ages ago

Is that the UK or US slaves?

Yeah the T Wells lads


haha cos they’re awesome haha

Their status updates are the most pointless fucking shite thing I’ve ever read haha lets not talk about them.
Do you have any favorite genre or artist? I hear a lot of Hayley Williams (Paramore) in your voice.

Ill take that haha! Its Paramore who made me want to change the sound from folk pop to attitudey rock – my favorite artist at the mo is The Subways and MCR haha

Hahah we are glad you like the compliment. I think that is a really good reason to want to change your sound.
An old classic here. Shag, Marry, Avoid – Trump, Clinton, Obama

Hmm Marry Obama obvs, Shag Hillary – always considered a bit of girl on girl , and trump can drown in a barrell of dicks

We’d marry Trump.

Would love to see him in a dress

I wouldn’t spit on him if he were on fire
I tweet him a lot but he never replies – so its personal

That’s just rude….

Haha I know how dare he

What is something you haven’t tried musically but would like to?

I’ve always wanted a cello in a track – I love a cello! But that and beat boxing that would sound ace – me singing, a cello and a beat boxer

Hahaha I could really imagine a really broken down track working like that. It could be a wondrous interlude to your next EP or Album

Yes! Now just got to find a someone who plays Cello and a beat boxer

Maybe this article could help that?


One of these has to become your homepage, which one do you decide? or

Lemon partty Hahahah but it would be spelt “partay”

Haha strange choice. I suppose both are to be fair

I’m a vege

We have two questions left. Whats next for Weekend Recovery?

The tour really, I’m shitting myself for it but massively excited and management, we really want management someone to steer the ol ship you know.

I wouldn’t worry too much Lauren, You have tons of support from your fans (your crowdfunding page is proof of that) and a tour is a wondrous thing to do. Yeah I know exactly what you mean. Management frees you up to focus on the music.

Lastly Lauren, Ask us anything?

Lemon party or meat spin?

Luckily for us we use Chrome and Firefox so we have both set as our homepage

Weekend Recovery- Don't try and stop me
Don’t Try and Stop Me

Weekend Recovery- Don't try and stop me rating

Weekend Recovery- Don't try and stop me Stephanie StreetSo, Weekend Recovery have a new release, ‘Don’t try and stop me‘ and it comes with visuals too. Yep, a music video. As it is just the one track i’ll be reviewing, I’ll keep it short and sweet and start off by getting straight in there and writing some words about the track.

‘Don’t try and stop me’ kicks off with an upbeat punky drum intro that unfolds into that pop/punk esque kinda tune that is equally suited to a younger audience. Weekend Recovery are a clean pop punk band and that is not meant in a neagtive way at all. I find that the term ‘clean’ often gets attributed to bands that are awkwardly trying to be something they’re not which doesnt quite work. Yet, Weekend Recovery know exactly who they are and they pull it off rather well. Unless you are a plastic doll, they are relatively inoffensive.

Back to the track and a couple of minutes in, there is a pretty impressive collaboration of drums and guitar which escalates up to another chorus of ‘Dont try and stop me, I’m out of control‘ with Lorin’s vocals giving that straight egdge twist of pop.

All in all, if you’re asking for a pop punk tune, Weekend Recovery can do just that.

Let’s look at the video.

In the familar crypt cellar where the music video is set, there are a few dolls getting hammered. If you’re thinking of a bunch of young girls dolled up, intoxicated and walking the streets of Rochester, you may be slightly underestimating this band. I’m talking about actual dolls getting hammered with a hammer. And that is why I like Weekend Recovery. Their music is pretty good too.

I’m going to hate myself for using this term but there is a whole ‘coming of age’ vibe to this track with a let’s go and torture our toys attitude and then, fuck yeah i’m going to squeeze into a tiny box. I liked the tiny box, and i’m sure the guys had some fun doing that.

With previous tracks like ‘New Tattoo‘ along with this, I think Weekend Recovery are not going to stop any time soon.

Steph Street