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Unknown Report Interview

July 19, 2015 - All, Interviews
Unknown Report Interview

Unknown Report saw me one day bobbing along down the river. I said I needed some funk; they said “look no further.” And we FUNKED. Whilst having a break from the funking I decided to have a little chat with the lads.

YO YO YO, The EP is very tight and well produced, where did you record this? 

David: Ten21 studios in Bearsted, Maidstone with Sean Kenny. Very useful he was too as he very much took on the role of producer as well as recorder/ mixer. 

Mikey: Cheers to Leo Kelly Gee for the heads-up! Let’s make the first thing I say a good old namedrop!
Your lead singer, Michael Gadsby, seems to have a lot of fun on stage, have you lot ever thought of dressing up? 
Mikey: I do have a lot of fun on stage! It’s almost like a childhood enthusiasm, even a regression that takes hold. I personally experiment with my look a lot and so do the others. There are always bolder steps to be taken though, but finding a uniform as it were, to signify us, is hard as our songs are so varied. The solution? Don’t care too much! 
If you aren’t having fun then what’s the point?! You seem to be appealing to a lot of different demographics, was this something you did intentionally? 
Aaron: Not really, it’s largely resulting from our wide amalgam of styles we have come to channel. Frequently compared to Duran Duran, 80s funk, even things like Culture Club. Though, our heavier tracks appeal to those more into rock and maybe the poppier side of metal.  

David: Yeah, we’re all very open-minded individuals. It shows in what we play, and people who really identify with certain eras click with certain parts of our sound in different ways. It’s inevitable.

Mikey: We’re an anachronism in a sense, some of our sound is quite old-fashioned but that’s just resulting from what we like to play, and we’re proud of that. We don’t sweat buckets about what Mary Contrary in Stornoway would like to listen to over her marmalade on toast at 8am, you know? It’s just what we want to do. We save the fight for each other *laughs*.
Sounds like a tasty concoction. Any big news you would like to share with us? It doesn’t have to be musical. 
Mikey: Lordy, we’re so crap at smalltalk! Though our brand spanking new website shall be up and running soon, so stay tuned on Facebook ( for updates regarding that.

David: On the 3rd of July we are taking part in a battle of the bands at The Grey Lady in Tonbridge Wells, to hopefully qualify to play at Poofest- in Pooting! Fingers crossed!

Artur: Also our guitarist is expecting a baby in July… we’re chuffed to bits for him.
That’s great news. Congratulations! Speaking of new beginnings, what is something you haven’t tried musically but would like to in the future? 
Artur: Hard question!  

David: We really feel the need to gradually include other instruments, possibly brass. Fatten things up even further. Possibly a concept album is on the horizon too. We have such a cauldron of ideas born from instinct; it’s hard to highlight them. 
Mikey: Also, as far as my voice goes, inspiration as to where I can take it is always going to come. I never shy away from what the core of it is, but I am very adaptable, and if the technique adds something to a song, it’s in the mix. If it doesn’t, I save it for a rainy day.  
If you had to pick one of your tracks for our readers to listen to, which would it be? 
Artur: I’d suggest “Hole In The Ground,” because it really says what we’re all about in terms of the strong rhythm, the darkness, the drama, the atmosphere…

Mikey: Also is it a metaphor or literal? Medway is a direct inspiration, and it features in the lyric. Sad, longing and wistful, but it’s also celebrating our unique location at the same time. We’re a band that you can dance to and also think about what we’re trying to communicate. The audience can decide.  
Medway is a direct inspiration, that’s lovely to hear lads. What else inspired this new release in terms of the title and artwork? 
Mikey: Pretty much again, Medway, our personal experiences in it, and how it has given birth to us both musically and socially. The difficulties we’ve had to face, how we’ve become disillusioned to an extent, but also adamant that this scene is strong, multi textural and vibrant as anything London has to offer, only smaller.

David: The cover artwork done by Mikey, is the design that I really liked and thought it hits the nail on the head in terms of conveying what we sound like.

Mikey: Awww! I do try! We have a shadowy town, three people looking at this crevice they’ve randomly encountered. What does it mean? Are there any innuendos there? I don’t know, you tell me.   
A shadowy town full of wonder.

Now do you have a question for the Jellyfish?
Who is the sexiest member?

Of Blue? Lee Ryan.

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