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The Liberation Of Man Interview

July 19, 2015 - All, Interviews
The Liberation Of Man Interview

The Liberation Of Man lads recently decided to try and liberate all the oceanic beings that live in the sea. Before they had made such an error I stepped in and made them aware of the grave danger they were putting themselves in…As thanks Thom agreed to have a chat about their latest release! 

EP sounds fucking good, mate. Where did you record it?

Alright boys. The EP was recorded with the very talented Chris Williams at the Astor Theatre in Deal. He’s a brilliant producer and gets the exact sound required for the songs you have. Highly recommended. Tell him we sent you. 

Lovely Jubbly, How did you meet, what’s the story behind the band’s name?

Sam and I (Thom) were in an originals band called Common Outlaw that split May 2014. Before CO split, I bagsied Sam and told him “we’re going to keep the momentum going.” We did. Matt and his music video company, Above Arcadia Productions, were going to record the next CO single and I asked him if he knew a drummer. Matt said he was a drummer and it all went from there.
The band’s name was decided after a few other names didn’t go as planned. I think ‘King Of Kings’ was one and then we said Liberation Of Men, and then stuck with it. 

How does your writing process work? Is it just one of you that comes in with a riff and then you all start playing on that? Or do you already have an idea of what the track will sound like before going into it?

Myself and Sam will normally come in with a riff and just let it naturally go from there. Sometimes I’ll have some lyrics to go with a piece I have but if I don’t we just jam it out until it sounds right. Our new track “Michigan” was all sorted before I came into the practice room and we nailed that in about 30 minutes. Other tracks can take longer. 

Sounds good. What is something you haven’t tried musically but would like to in the future?

We toyed with the idea of getting a female blues singer in to the studio when we recorded a brand new single titled “New Crown” in April but we decided it wouldn’t fit the song. I would love to get a full orchestra in and play along to a track if it fits. But we’d need a lot of money for that to happen! 

We’ll keep an eye out for you. Any big news you want to tell us about?

Having released our debut EP Burning Bridges at the beginning of June, we’ve just announced we’re going back into the studio to record our follow up EP in October. We had a weekend with Dan Lucas at Anchor Baby Studios in April and recorded our new single “New Crown” so we’re going back to him so the EP sounds consistent.
We’re also in the process of planning our next music video for “New Crown’ as well as possibly sorting out some LOM merch. 

Sweet. For people that haven’t listening to you yet, can you describe yourself in three words

Mother. Fucking. Loud. 


Now do you have a question for the Jellyfish?

Know any single girls for our bassist Sam? He’s been single too long…

I’m sure we’ve got a spare locked up in the van.

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