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Skingasm Interview

July 13, 2015 - All, Interviews
Skingasm Interview

Skingasm, a label who have been on the up and up, sit down and have a chat with the Jellyfish.

Howdy Skingasm, The label hasn’t been around for a while yet you have done so much work on your releases, how do you feel you are doing?

I guess we really don’t have any kind of markers for “success” – the work is it’s own reward, so just doing it every day feels like we’re doing great.

That said outside of our own heard it also seems to be going OK! We’re doing this from scratch and hopefully it’s making some kind of difference. We’re starting to get up a real head of steam now – expect a bunch more records before the end of the year.

Sounds like exciting times are ahead. Why did you start the label in the first place?

There’s too much potential in the Medway scene to have not done it.

What is something you haven’t tried musically but would like to in the future?

We’re up for interesting ideas. Collaborations, release formats, weird shit. I think that’s happening already. A label collaboration/battle off could be cool though.

A battle off sounds great, maybe I could stand in to be the referee. Your artists have been popping up on radio quite a lot recently, do you think people are starting to notice the ridiculous amount of talent on offer here in Medway?

We bloody hope so.

For now we’re just trying to craft an identity, we think there’s a certain shared aesthetic to all our releases so far, which hopefully will become recognisable to a wider audience. There’s been little moments of media recognition that there’s a scene happening here, so we’ve just got to keep stuff coming. The theory is if we put out enough quality material then attention will inevitably come… it might take 20 years or so to get where we want though, that happens.

With such quality around us I don’t think it will be long until the media recognise the talent on offer. Speaking of talent, are you looking for new artists to join the roster?

Yes, always, if they’re good enough.

Our pipeline is getting pretty full… we keep saying we can’t really do any more and then an amazing record will come around and we can’t help ourselves. We should probably get better at saying no to things.

Like this interview? Bands or artists that are just starting out or feel like their style fits the label might not know how to contact you, how would they go about this? – Fire away!

We’re not really a traditional label where we “sign” bands as such. Everything is done on a project-by-project basis, so if something shows up we think is going to excite people (mostly ourselves if we’re honest) then we’ll definitely look into it.

Personally I think that’s the best way, if it’s not fun for you then why bother? What advice would you have for someone who is thinking of starting his or her own label?

Don’t feel like you have to compete with anyone. Start small and learn on the way.
If you pay attention to how scenes work it’s not that hard – really the only requirement is being prepared to do a lot of hard work, and not expecting to get paid for any of it!

That’s some great advice, now do you have a question for the Jellyfish?

What are the things that you think make a good record label?

Personally my view is jaded. I’ve been trying to get signed for years but everyone is still really into Whale music. No-one is listening to Jellyfish.

I think a good record label doesn’t assess you for the likes or followers you have. I think it looks at all aspects of your band from the music, to your attitude – and if it really excites them then they work with you to help you get your music out there to the masses.

Or A good label is one that will sign my band. The Jellyfish Jams.