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Ruud Fieten and Timo De Jong

April 4, 2017 - All, Reviews
Ruud Fieten and Timo De Jong
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Ruud Fieten and Timo De Jong


Ruud Fieten and Timo De Jong.  Steph Street ProfileWe have some great music coming to Medway, all the way from the Netherlands! Ruud Fieten and Timo De Jong will be bringing Folk/ Americana to our favourite locals and should not be missed. I’ll be writing a short introduction on both musicians but be sure to check out the events mentioned below.

Ruud Fieten – In Orbit
Ruud Fieten and Timo De Jong.  rating

In Orbit‘ is a collection of folk songs that synchronise with the seasons, both lyrically and instrumentally. The cycles of nature are used to reflect the rotations of life and gently transforms some of the negative realities into alternative paths. ‘Don’t Wait for the Summer‘ speaks of ‘trying to spread a brighter shade of blue‘, which is exactly what Ruud has captured in his music.

Wintercome‘ is one of my favourite of the five tracks, not just because of the first line about a sparrow, but it is simply a lovely little tune, with a great banjo melody. Everyone loves a banjo.

The Greenlands‘ is yet another uplifting track with some cute lyrics like ‘so let me float upon your dreams because I am drowning in my own‘ which fall into place quite naturally, which is a consistent occurrence throughout ‘In Orbit‘. Each track blends together nicely and the way that nature has been crafted into each of them, releases a sense of familiarity.

I tried to think of a better way of putting it, but basically; If Spring was to sing a few songs about the other seasons, I’d imagine it to sound a lot like this. Beautiful.

Timo De Jong – Sunlight Breaking through
‘Country Folk’
Ruud Fieten and Timo De Jong.  rating

Timo De Jong’s folk music has a slight country twist. There’s a uniqueness to Timo’s voice, kind of a pleasant melancholy, if that’s even a thing.

While listening to some of the tracks on ‘Sunlight Breaking through‘, I became aware of how incredibly slow paced some of the songs were. Combined with the low tone of Timo’s voice, I found myself being lulled to sleep. The gentle guitar picking on tracks like ‘Save the Date O, Save the date‘ had me in a sleep spell. I’m pretty sure I heard some banjo playing in there.

Colour’s Leave‘ is like a folk / country ballad, with the accompany of a harmonica, which again, could lure you to your sleep. Very calming indeed.

Tracks like ‘Sorry Beyond Words‘ and ‘You take Coffee, I’ll have Tea‘ are more upbeat and have more of the country twang going on, which may be an acquired taste to some. However, without being overly ‘Country’, Timo brings that alternative curve to folk music.

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By Steph Street