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Ricky Patel – Atmospheres

February 4, 2016 - All, Reviews
Ricky Patel – Atmospheres
Ricky Patel - Atmospheres

Ricky Patel - Atmospheres rating

Ricky Patel - Atmospheres Ken CrumptonI’m having a little sit down to listen to Ricky Patel’s EP, Atmospheres. He describes it as “stripped back, intimate and ambient acoustic guitar and piano pieces.” That’s quite handy as I’m a bit jet lagged from my holiday in Spain. I’m completely sunburnt, there’s loads of Spanish shit in the house and my wife’s got a tan. She looks even more like a potato now.

The first track “Polaris” starts with some really nice acoustic finger style guitar that sounds like Andy Mckee or something. It’s a short track that let’s you know what is on the EP, lots of lovely, relaxing, intricate guitar. And piano, at some point, according to the previously mentioned description. Looking at the back of the case, I notice the last track of the EP is actually an Andy Mckee cover so I’m expecting a lot of lovely guitar from this one.

Overnight Rain” is more delightful guitar. I sit back in my chair and suddenly I’m floating calmly down a river on a giant leaf. There appears to be a tiny golden monkey, floating down stream next to me on a shoe. It’s at this point I should tell you that I’m on LSD. I was going to do this review sober but my wife’s at bingo with Julie. Can’t miss out on an opportunity like this.

The Fireside” begins and this time it’s a piano piece. It has a nice, mellow, haunting quality to it. The monkey slowly turns it’s head to me. He looks sad. It seems Ricky’s piano is reminding him of a lost loved one. He gives me a thumbs up that says, “I know you can see the pain in my eyes but it’s okay, it’s just a memory from a time long passed. I guess some pain never leaves. The only consolation is that the pain that sticks with us, is always the most beautiful.”

The guitar from “Sigma Octantis” appears from the silence, quelling the sadness of the previous track. The monkey looks out over the water, his frown slowly turning to a smile as he ponders better times. He thinks of Little Jimmy and what he will grow up to achieve. He has wanted to be an archaeologist for as long as the golden monkey can remember. Mrs. Monkey isn’t on earth to see Jimmy follow his dreams but maybe, somewhere, she is watching him. Guiding him on life’s quest.

Pining” kicks in with energy. It’s has a cheery vibe that makes the monkey tap his foot and nod his head. He’s taken back to his school dance. He’ll never forget picking up the courage to ask Mrs. Monkey to dance. Oh, how that night shaped his future. A memory that reminds him to live life to the full, to grab every chance the universe presents with both hands. Even if he doesn’t have opposable thumbs. He thinks there could be another dance happening somewhere in the world right now, another Mrs. Monkey waiting in the crowd with no one to dance with. Maybe it is time now to venture a new path, to follow a new stream and see where the river takes him.

Ricky plays a beautiful rendition of Ande McKee’s “For my father”. The monkey turns to me and smiles. He didn’t need to say a word, his eyes told me everything. Life is short. I’ve been travelling down this river for too long. It’s time I found a new life, a new river and a new shoe to float in. I suggested a Nike Air Max. He said, “I think water would get in the bubble thing in the bottom.” I replied “Good point.” Ahead the river split in to two. He turned to me and wished me farewell. He went to speak, I could tell this was a moment of importance. The monkey was about to tell me some life advice I would carry with me for all my days. Then the front door swang open. Mrs. Crumpton is back, drunk, and she’s got Julie with her. Great.

This EP is actually pretty good. There is a lot of really nice, calming melodies and guitar parts. This guy can really move his fingers fast. (That’s what she said.) It’s the perfect thing to listen to while relaxing or going for a walk on a nice sunny day. Or when it’s raining. In fact, it’s suited to most weather types and that’s when you know you’ve got a banger on your hands. I was going to buy a copy but my grandson got me one for free from The Pirate Bay. I’m not sure where that is, sounds like Brighton. I’m going to end the review here as I’m starting to really trip out now.

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