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Paperfriend – Taking Hold

January 11, 2017 - All, Reviews
Paperfriend – Taking Hold
Paperfriend - Taking Hold
Taking Hold

Paperfriend - Taking Hold rating

Paperfriend - Taking Hold ken crumptonPaperfriend have been reviewed a couple of times by The Medway Jellyfish and It’s no secret that they have been completely rekt by us on every occasion. That being said, we love the Paperfriend lads. They just seem like such nice guys. Every time we hear they have something new out we have our fingers crossed in hope that they have managed to produce something that isn’t a complete pile of wank.

One thing we do like about the lads is they are able to take a bad review on the chin. However, It seems that our last Paperfriend review, written by Steph Street, ruffled a couple of feathers. Browsing their Facebook page I discovered some enraged Paperfirend fans writing comments “owning” The Jellyfish. Let’s have a look.

How dare Steph Street make more then one reference to Pokemon? How bloody dare she? Everyone knows that mentioning something twice destroys any article. Shame on us for letting it happen. Martyn’s comment definitely deserved that one “like” . He completely deconstructed our review and made us look like a right bunch of cunts.

There is something very few people know about me. And that is this: I’m a mini Sherlock Holmes. Looking at Martyn’s profile picture there is one thing i can deduct very clearly. This guy is REALLY into “vaping”. How do I know this? Simple. He has a beard and looks like a complete twat.

Oh dear. We’ve been KO’ed by Luke and then along comes Holly to really kick us when we’re down. How could one of our reviewers mention drinking tea. This is completely outrageous. The Medway Jellyfish would like to confirm Steph Street will be issuing a formal apology.

Two things I must mention though: 1) There is actually no mention of tea in the article at all. Steph does however mention drinking wine. I believe Holly has mistaken “wine” for “tea”. Never pop round Holly’s for afternoon tea and biscuits. You’ll be completely smashed by 3pm. 2) Why on earth have the Paperfriend lads got an admin for their Facebook page? Who do they think they are, Metallica?

I would like to issue a warning to local musicians. Please do not approach The Medway Jellyfish asking for a review if your friends are going to get butthurt. You’ll look like a right bunch of trumpets.

Anyway, let’s actually listen to the song. I’ll try to be as gentle as possible. I would hate to trigger the precious little snowflakes into writing another flurry of comments.

The song is called “Taking Hold“. According to their Facebook page this is “Our Christmas present to you guys, a new song from us which you can download for free“. See, I told you they were nice guys. Cheers, boys.

It starts off with a riff that’s not bad. The lads are giving it some welly, maybe they really do think they are Metallica. It’s better produced then some of their previous efforts, this is promising. Please, Mr. Vocalist, don’t let us down this time. The vocals come in and it’s… not too bad. Phew.

The chorus comes in and the guys are smashing it. It sounds like a song from “Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2”. I can really imagine kick-flipping into a 50-50 while this plays in the background. If I designed a skateboarding game I would genuinely put this song in it. Partly because it would fit perfectly and also just because they are nice lads that deserve a break in life.

There’s an interlude/breakdown thing and to be honest the vocals feel a bit weak here. I start doubting Mr. Vocalist again. But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe this section was recorded on a separate day and the poor guy had a sore throat. There’s a guitar solo that’s okay, it works with the song. Now it’s the outro and Mr. Vocalist has a chance to shine and phew, the dude smashes it. He sings “Now we’re freeeeeeeeeee” and it’s very very strong. Nice work. You’ve done it, boys.

As mentioned earlier it’s a free release so you might as well bloody listen to it.

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