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Paperfriend – Don’t Look Back

September 15, 2016 - All, Reviews
Paperfriend – Don’t Look Back
Paperfriend – Don’t Look Back
Don’t Look Back

Paperfriend – Don’t Look Back   rating

Paperfriend – Don’t Look Back Steph StreetHaving listened to their last EP ‘Memories’, I felt there was a little more ‘pop’ to this indie/pop band this time around. There’s a noticeable improvement of recording quality on Paperfriend’s new EP ‘Don’t look Back’ but at times I felt the vocals were a little obtrusive.

The first track is ‘Embers’. There’s a good indie beat to this, occasionally winding down and letting the vocals do their thing which unfortunately seem to let this track down a bit. I’m not quite sure how, instrumentally this track works but the whole vocal composition seems to be a bit too weak which doesn’t compensate the instrumentals. Just didn’t ignite for me.

Home’ has a laid back summer vibe going on with the guitar intro but eventually built up into something I didn’t want to listen to. Maybe it was too ‘pop’ for my taste. I think I was a little confused with the jolliness of the opening lyrics ‘I don’t have a home, even though I got somewhere to live’, which to me would be a bit of a downer, not something I’m really going to sing and snap my fingers to. But having said that, why should we be emo about these things eh?

I did find myself having a pre-hangry moment and singing ‘I don’t have any food, even though I’ve got stuff in the fridge’.

Then we have the third track ‘Flow’. Flow is nice. In fact I loved the intro to this, I was quite moved, which happens occasionally. Unfortunately that didn’t last long. Again, I felt the vocals let this track down big time. I got distracted when the lyrics got to ‘I can’t take anymore’ and I went and poured myself some wine. Shame. It could have been something but quite frankly wasn’t. Like that Pokémon that didn’t evolve into quite what you was hoping for.

Now, ‘Pulse’. I’m not going to say much on this one. The first jovial little sentence ‘we got the music we got the beats’ was, well, a little cringey and I hoped that it would improve. It didn’t. I hate to be harsh but seriously, I don’t know what is happening. The vocal harmony was all over the place. Lyrics include ‘Let the rhythm sing’. The rhythm didn’t sing. The ‘Wooahoowhooawhaoooooo’ that followed was when I felt that a little bit of me had died inside. Then ‘Stop, stop, stop, now it’s in your head’. I was so fucking glad that it did stop.

I would like to hear more like ‘Flow’ as for the first few seconds I was genuinely moved by the music alone. It just didn’t hold my attention and I seemed to get dissuaded by the vocals. However, there is still some potential there.

A bit like the Pidgey of the Pokédex.

Steph Street

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