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Origami Horses – Artful/Artless?

August 31, 2015 - All, Reviews
Origami Horses – Artful/Artless?



I was intrigued to discover the band I was reviewing featured the ancient art of Japanese paper folding that I spent my childhood days indulging in. But I’m a shadow of the black belt I used to be and all I’m left with now is a napkin folding party trick and a questionable e-mail address! Anyway enough of my reminiscing, I give you Origami Horses! I enjoyed listening to these guys a lot; they combine simplicity with complexity, much like the aforementioned art. Raw grungy verses followed by Beatles style psychedelic choruses, it’s all very hypnotic to listen to.

The EP, Artful/Artless? Gallops into the song “Slates” with a simple yet catchy little beat/hook. We are then treated to some pleasant and rather ethereal vocals. It’s a nice blend of sound, dreamy and ambient but with rawness and attitude. There’s some nice dynamics too as the song builds up into a bigger and bigger wall of sound. “Obscured” is the next track, It brings back the same formula but slows things down a little. It also brings some stabby and intense sounding synth-work into play which helps give the track some flavour.

Two state Solution” is poppier yet still maintains form with a nice dreamy and discordant verse. The song escalates into a catchy brit-pop chorus to shake things up a bit! This works very well and a mighty fine pallet cleanser for the next track. “Charity shop” is a Great closing track; it gives it full Bollocks hitting you in the face with attitude and cowbell from the onset! We progress into an explosion of noise and colour; it’s erratic and busy and defiantly keeps you listening.

So to conclude, Origami Horses have released a fine stallion. One that’s slightly crazy and shits rainbows but that makes it all the better! A real interesting listen, some parts sound like they need something, maybe some more of that well placed synth but maybe that’s just me being a keyboard player, at times the musical equivalent to a small child with crayons!

Keep it up guys; you’re onto a good thing here.




Aaron Saffell