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Mo Town Fire Department – Catoptric Tristesse

May 11, 2016 - All, Reviews
Mo Town Fire Department – Catoptric Tristesse
Catoptric Tristesse

Mo Town Fire Department rating

Mo Town Fire Department portraitFor once I am completely confused. This whole EP sounds like a soundtrack to something. It reminds me of background music that would be planted into some of the strangest movies around. Maybe that’s what Mo Town Fire Department tried to achieve when recording this EP. If not then I’m completely lost. It sounds like an acid trip converted into an MP3 format. And not one of those amazing trips where you realise the meaning of life and then forget it 5 minutes later, the trip where you stare at wall for 7 hours completely confused. Is that the plan?

Firstly this ain’t my jam at all, (wasn’t sure if you could tell that by my intro) I’ve never experienced a complete audio head fuck like this before. I’m struggling to hear anything that’s being said. ‘Sing Goddess‘ itself is like an industrial echo that doesn’t stop. It’s like a distress signal sent from Robots begging the artist to kill this onslaught of abuse, It hurts their insides and they aren’t the only ones. Unfortunately the Robots don’t have voices – only overdrive and fuzz, so they are just adding more mess to the madness. I have this feeling that if I saw Mo Town Fire Department live I’d be impressed with the passion in the performance and potential layers but right now, no. Constructively I need you (MTFD) to turn up your vocals. It sounds like you sway back and forth while recording so at one point you are crystal clear and the next a mumble in the background.

A startling turn of events – the second & third songs actually have audible instruments.

Open mic‘ begins with an industrial sound ringing throughout. Straight away it feels and sounds like some old school as fuck grunge. A mic test is the chorus for this song, something that maybe should have been kept for mic tests. I feel this song has a punk feel or at least tried. Unfortunately everything else is lost in the mix.

This is my third time at trying to review this song and this EP in general. I can’t find descriptive words to describe ‘Alibi‘ I can imagine this song being played in the background to some horrific murder scene. Apart form that it doesn’t make sense.

Useless returns‘ starts off beautifully. It has a smokey bar edge feel to it and then the mood is completely killed with vocals that are far too loud for the entire track. Musically I am very interested in this. It’s a tasty blues number minus the peaking vocals. I’m assuming he is trying to convey anger and in a way it’s worked. I’m angry as fuck that the vocals ruined a perfectly good song. When I get glimpses of lyrics I really like them and I’m not fussy, I don’t need vocals to be clean and all melodic, but I still need to be able to hear the words for fuck sake.

I might be listening to this music in the completely wrong way. Maybe this type of music and this type of EP can only be enjoyed in a live format. When I normally listen to music I get told a story and this EP feels more like a piece of art on a single canvas. Paying £4 for this ep is like buying 2 pills off a “geezer” at your local and realising an hour later you’ve taken paracetamol. Your headache has gone but your night is ruined. Cheers Mo Town Fire Department.

Emily Lane