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Melisandre’s Beaver – No offence meant, plenty taken

July 25, 2017 - All, Reviews
Melisandre’s Beaver –  No offence meant, plenty taken
Melisandre's Beaver -  No offence meant, plenty taken
No offence meant, plenty taken

Melisandre's Beaver -  No offence meant, plenty taken rating

Melisandre's Beaver -  No offence meant, plenty taken simon hunt profileThe Lord of light has blessed us today, for although the night is dark and full of terrors we’ve got an amazing band to brighten up your summer. The wonderfully named ‘Melisandre’s Beaver‘ are releasing their brand new EP ‘No offence meant, plenty taken‘, and we absolutely love it.

The cheeky and charming pop punk is played at a frantic pace, offering addictive and catchy hooks that will have you singing along for days. The give-away-nothing lyrics are ever so slightly tongue in cheek and genuinely make you laugh when you really listen to them; what more can you ask for? Opening track “out of time” has been teasing us for months now, with all anticipation building towards the EPs release on the 21st July. Unlike episode one of season six, you won’t be left disappointed by the firm and youthful, bouncing deliciousness on offer here.

From the explosive opening of “out of time” we’re lead onwards through raucous staccato guitar, funky distinctive bass work and energy and sweat oozing from the maniacally paced drums. “That girl” is classic punk drenched in their characteristic charm, consistently funny without the humour becoming a distraction. “Get Gary out” and “Never be that cool” both boast an almost dropkicks vibe in places with their witty relatable subject matter and impressive musicianship. There’s even a bonus track, but who am I to ruin the surprise? It’s an understated record, competent and tasteful but with enough personality to mark the band out as something really very special.

This massively enjoyable EP will be out by the time you read this, and the boys will be playing at The Attic, Ashford this week, Herofest, Gravesend on the 5th August, and a whole host of dates across Kent over the next month so you have no excuse to not experience Kents only Carice Van Houten named band. ‘No offence meant, plenty taken‘ will delight you, thrill you and will definitely not leave you wanting. Jon Snow said no, don’t be like Jon Snow. Don’t miss out on Melisandre’s Beaver.



By Simon Hunt