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Mean n’ my Lady – EP

November 9, 2015 - All, Reviews
Mean n’ my Lady – EP
Mean n’
my Lady



Simon Richards mean n' my ladyIt feels weird to think that at the time of writing, The Medway Jellyfish has only been in existence for a few months now. Ever since we got started, we’ve been absolutely inundated with truly amazing local bands. The Medway scene is booming and Kent is currently a proverbial conveyor belt of talent. We’re really very spoilt, particularly when it comes to great rock and roll. The latest to come to my attention are Mean n’ my Lady, who are soon to release their truly excellent new EP.

Described as playing frantic and jagged blues rock, Mean n’ Lady’s EP does nothing to dissuade me from such a depiction. The three-piece are tight and competent, possessing the snap and snarl that great rock and roll demands. The EP opens with a cover of AC/DCs “Sin City“, a lot to live up to but I’m delighted to say that the band does justice to the original. It’s a strong driving track, complete with the requisite shrieking vocal. The highlight is Melanie Coburns excellent harmonica work which drives the song, with the killer groove of Carl Hodgson’s drums keeping your attention fixed throughout. Following is the excellent “Egotistical Big Head” which boasts a fine bluesy opening riff, instantly hooking and drawing you in. The harmonica again complements Roger Mean’s impressive vocal in a traditional call and answer while the railroad tone of his guitar sounds authentic and crisp.

Summer Song” is a laidback and pleasant track with a chill skynyrd-esque opening. It flows excellently with a strong southern guitar. There’s just a hint of a Bo Diddley rhythm to the track, incredibly pleasing to the ears. Considering we’re deep into October, I’m impressed they manage to elicit such a summery feeling. Track 4, a cover of the Earl King classic “Let the Good Times Roll” is remarkably infectious. The catchy rhythm pounds and pulses with the band showing off their strong ability and musicianship, Mean n’ my Lady are clearly true rock and rollers and demonstrate a perfect understanding of how the music should be played. However, I can’t help but shake the feeling that the production feels just a little too clean and refined. It doesn’t really show off the dirty groove that the band evidently possess. It is a minor criticism after all and the band still has the rock and roll chops to get the mouth-watering, but I do get the impression that this is an act whose music would feel just that little bit more natural in a live setting.

The EP finishes up with final track “Lady garden“, a title I can fully get behind. This track is my personal favourite of the records, with its genuine tongue in cheek and rolling groove. It captivates and entertains with the memorable and seemingly innocent delivery of lyrics like “let me in to your lady garden, I bet it’s way overgrown” and “I want to park my Bentley, right in your rear entry”. The lines are delivered with such an enthusiastic twinkle in the eye it would be disingenuous if I didn’t admit to cracking a smile. A delightful and surprising moment of humour that sits nicely among the fine blues stock the band has on show. It’s a great little EP, strong everywhere it should be and generally just a tight competent little collection of songs.


Simon Hunt