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Liberation Of Man – Burning Bridges

July 15, 2015 - All, Reviews
Liberation Of Man – Burning Bridges



Guitars plug in and feedback fills the airwaves with the stabbing rhythm of drums & bass punching you right in the gut, Welcome to the Liberation of Man. A three piece hailing from Dover spreading their love like Christmas in September.

The first track from their EP ‘Burning Bridges’ is ‘Allies’. An explosive 2 and half-minute song that really hits home fast and hard (like my mum) 30 seconds into the song and you are given a sneak preview of the upcoming chorus. This track really shows off everyone in such a positive light. All instruments seamlessly working together, Thom, vocally very strong, also shows he knows his way round an axe with some cheeky little riffs, that may take a few listens to grab but when you do you will hear it everytime. Sam Moore really knows his way around the bass guitar; this man could make you moist with a single note, his backing vocals also stunning should be recognised as well. To me, he feels like a solid ground that this band really thrives off. Take these two lovely ingredients, chuck in a solid drummer (Matt Barker) with impressive fills, an ability to know when to play in the song and the ability to give it some fucking balls, well you’ve got yourself a stunning 3 course meal.

My Disease’ is my favourite track from Burning Bridges. It starts with a stunning bass line from Sam. Matt carries the beat with a floor tom extravaganza. This carries on throughout the first verse. Thom delivers a heavily distorted riff throughout the verse, taking you into the chorus. I’m a huge fan of Thom’s vocals in this one, emotive and very nice on the old ear holes. The chorus is fucking catchy, I feel like a visit to the STI clinic is in order, and unlike a dirty rotten night in our beautiful town, I really don’t regret this one at all.

 The final track ‘Come on‘ is a quality and classic rock song. The drummer never settling on his standard beat and keeping you interested throughout. The bassist & guitarist both are pleasuring your ears at the same time with some lovely running bass lines and some snappy yet interesting riffs. Imagine the feeling you get when you put ear buds in your ears to clean them, times it by 6.7 and you’re on the right tracks. 2 minutes in and the song fully breakdowns, a single chord left ringing leaving drums & bass to hold your hand and prepare you for whats next. Bass as beautiful as bass can be (bass bass bass) Drums keeping the core of this band rocking on and your foot tapping. Thom returns with an absolutely gnarly riff, that would make my mum proud (She is a hard one to please ya know). From this point the band are fully rocking out until smoothly returning to the chorus for the last time.

I’ve seen this act a few times and have always been very impressed. The band itself is tight as a nuns C…. catholic beliefs? Every member bringing something to table, something that will please everyones appetite. Frontman & Lead Guitarist Thom Cakebreed has the presence of a seasoned stage veteran, Matt Barker truly understands his drumkit and his craft and knows what needs to be done in songs, a skill that very few possess & Sam Moore, who to me is the most understated member of this band is a solid musician. After listening to the tracks more and more I find myself lost in Sams basslines, listening to his licks between verse and chorus’s.

Lovely stuff all round I must say.

Here is my summary

The EP may only be short of 10 minutes but I believe this release entices you in, lets you know who Liberation of Man are and what they are capable of. If this excites you then you need to see them live, not only one of the friendliest bands I’ve come across but a band whose songs show a maturity and understanding of their genre and where they want to go with this music.

If I have any qualms about this EP it would be the length and the order of tracks. I felt like My Disease was the strongest track and should have been left to the end, but hey, this is one guy’s opinion, why not buy the EP from bandcamp and see if you agree? Send your comments to

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