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KILL RPNZL Interview

July 14, 2015 - All, Interviews
KILL RPNZL Interview

After murdering a beloved children’s character, this time Pinocchio, they pretend not to have problems with fairy-tale characters. It’s a lie. We asked if KILL RPNZL would mind sitting down for a chinwag, they said yes. Result!

You guys are a sexy bunch, How did you meet, what’s the story behind the band’s name?

Aaron: Me and Elle met at the cannons in Chatham talking about The Cure when we were drunk about 8 years ago. Ollie we found some time later when our drummer couldn’t make the recording for Wife/Wife. Pete Bevan from Bear Vs Manero suggested asking Ollie to cover and he ended up becoming permanent.

The name we cant really remember what its meaning was, I think we were coming up with names for a band four years ago and it had just been in my head for weeks but we ended up not using it. Elle really liked it so when it came to naming this band she was adamant we had to use it. We don’t really have any problem with fairy-tale characters, it just sounded good.

It pisses my niece off though.

This is the first release I’ve heard from KILL RPNZL in quite a while, why has it taken so long?

Aaron: It’s been a mix of losing several drummers (about 5) and timing issues with each of us personally. Our set used to be a mix up of songs we had written way before we were even called KILL RPNZL. With each drummer leaving we had to show the next one the songs and by the time we were ready to write new stuff they left and we were showing the next new drummer the old songs. By the time Ollie joined it had become so frustrating that we decided to scrap all the old songs altogether and move forward, which worked out for the best.

It really has worked out well for you, the songs sound killer. You have been getting a lot of spins on the radio recently too (XFM to name just one) how do you feel about that?

Ollie: The fact that we’ve had any radio play, not just us but all of us involved in this scene, tells me that for a group of people who started disjointed noisy bands from an inoffensive town that has a bad track record supporting arts, we must be onto something.

FUCKING HERE HERE!! Do you have any hidden talents?

Ollie: I’m hypermobile so I can support my body weight with my elbows standing on my hands. It doesn’t make sense in type. It doesn’t make much more sense in real life either.

Aaron: I can just throw up when ever I want to, which is pretty useless. I can also close one eye like a broken china doll which looks really creepy. I guess combined I could be in a horror film or something.

Sounds like we need to combine Ollie’s body and Aarons gift and we are on to a winner. If you had to pick one of your tracks for our readers to listen to, which would it be?

Aaron: For me its “X Y”, mainly the last chorus, I nearly exploded my throat screaming the lyrics.

Great choice, we Love the ending to that song. What are your thoughts on the current music scene?

Ollie: In two years, the Medway alt/noise/rock scene has gone from a bunch of guys going to shows once a month buying the odd t-shirt to a roster of artists on a label with radio play, videos and lots of nice things that gives the illusion of legitimacy. At it’s core it’s still very DIY and haphazard, but we’re building a catalogue of work to say “this is what some noisy weirdos got up to in Medway.”

That’s what needs to happen; we need to build this Medway Music Scene. 

Now do you have a question for the Jellyfish?

Can you make me a painting of us please?

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