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Jelly Chat: Eleusia & Video Review

September 1, 2017 - All, Interviews, Reviews
Jelly Chat: Eleusia & Video Review
eleusia interview
Jelly Chat: Eleusia

Whilst Adam Martin (drummer) had some spare time recording at Anchor Baby Recording Studios with Eleusia, we thought we would sit him down and have our way with him. Afterwards, we decided that it would probably be best to ask him a few questions. Only seems right after you’ve had your finger in someone’s blowhole, right? We made a cup of tea, loaded up a bowl and sat down for a chit chat.

Good afternoon, sir. I hope you are all very well. I hear you are at anchor baby recording studio right now working on more material for your lovely fans, What are you currently working on?

Afternoon my friend, all is very well in the kingdom of Eleusia. We are indeed down at anchor baby, just finishing off an epic ballad of a song. Just trawling the internet for the perfect sounding rain…………it’s integral.

You recently released a new single and video for “please” are you……pleased with it? :p Seriously though it’s a dope video and the songs a funky one, you must be well happy with it?

I’m fucking ecstatic. We’ve been a lot more involved with this one, sourcing it all ourselves with no budget. And of course, with the sweet Dan McKenzie filming, it was a walk in the park. Now we have the first vid out, we can’t wait to move on to the next. Got two more coming your way. I hope there’s no more puns.

Lads, get out your phones, what was the last song you listened to?

Death – Keep on Knocking.

For people that haven’t listening to you yet, can you describe yourself in three words??

Sweet, creamy, jams.

What has been your favourite experience in Eleusia?

Having the opportunity to play on a decent kit here at anchor baby. This Dan has a fine collection of cymbals and snares, and I only have trash, so recording this song has been the pinnacle of this trip so far. 

What’s on the horizon for you guys?

The exciting world of music videos. When we’re finished today, we’ll have everything ready for the last song in the series. Otherwise, just the usual basement practices, and gigs wherever we can find ‘em.

Shag, Marry, Avoid. Ron Weasley, Ron weasleys mum, Ron Weasley dad.

Being a filthy muggle, I don’t get involved with pure bloods.

Bit of a hard one. What do you think it more important, lyrics or melody?

Neither. We both know it’s all about that percussion. 

Ask us a anything? 

What’s wrong with your jellyfish?

Nothing, what’s wrong with yours?

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Eleusia interview - ken crumptonEleusia released their newest video on 22 July 2017 called, “Please”, directed by Dan Mckenzie and featuring Alex Underwood on Additional Camera. You’d be a mug not to have Alex Underwood on additional camera, everyone knows that. Check it out:

The video fades in from black to reveal a house. I’m intrigued and have so many questions already. What is this house? Who lives there? What’s going to happen? Should I have smoked such a big spliff before writing this?

We go inside the house and see some local raggamuffin types in balaklavas performing a robbery. Cheeky beggers. But what’s this – a car pulling into the driveway: It’s the home owner. What’s going to happen? I’m expecting fireworks.

Turns out, when he gets inside he puts on a VR headset and watches eleusia perform live while the house gets robbed. What are the lads trying to say with this video?

We’re all being distracted by media while the powerful elite rob us?

Culture has blinded us: stealing our true dreams and passions?

When we are in love we can be blind to someone’s faults: allowing them to change us, killing our true character?

Then comes the twist at the end: The raggamuffins take off their balaclavas and are revelaed to be Eleusia themselves. And that’s when you realise what they are really trying to say:

Let us in your house and we’ll rob ya, ya prune.

So watch this video if you want. But… know this: every single person in Eleusia will rob your TV the first chance they get.

(Some things written here may or may not be true.)

The track itself is a sterling mix of syncopated funk/rock. Tomlins’ wah-wah guitar helps to create a great hook in the verses. O’Hagans’s vocal suit the type of music very well, his vocals remind of Joshua Homme’s lighter tone. The lyrics are full of sexual undertones and love, nawww. 3 minutes in and Tomlins unleashes his axe and with a mighty scream in the solo the tempo changes up before crashing back down to the funky tones we have become accustomed to with the Eleusia lads. Martins & Modha (A wondrous tight as folk rhythm section) keep the tune grounded to the floor and flowing beautifully.

Eleusia seem to have a way of banging out funky as flange tunes on the regular, it’s obvious to see they know their sound. I see it as some kind of special type of cake; it has hints of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pink Floyd & Zeppelin, along with a slight after taste of Queens of the Stone Age, to accompany this cake is a side order of psychedelic rock from the 60/70 & 80’s. To finish of the cake, a light dusting of The Doors, all around it sounds like a pretty odd dish but it tastes quite nice actually. But careful, it may contain nuts.

My love as always,

Ken Crumpton.