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Into The Pit Interview

July 18, 2015 - All, Interviews
Into The Pit Interview

Into the pit promotions sat down on the seabed with us and we couldnt help but have a chat with them about the work they are doing.

Howdy everyone, Thanks for doing the interview, first off When & Why did you start putting on shows?

The idea to begin putting on shows at Woodies Youth Centre originated in June/July 2013. The workers at said youth centre mentioned to me that they wanted to start some music workshops, which I was on board with, but then the idea arose about actually putting on live gigs. Previously I had only set up one gig before (Spyder Byte’s E.P launch) but I was optimistic and raring to go. Our first gig at Woodies Youth Centre was ‘Byte Nite’; A Halloween style gig with The Nameless, Abyss, Hold Your Fire and Spyder Byte. The events kept going with a space of 6 weeks in between each other and by our third gig at WYC, ‘Tough Love’ I had decided that I wanted to recruit a team of people and create a company to put the gigs on. Listening to Evile on the day of the gig, I came up with the name ‘Into The Pit Promotions’ and so it began. The reason why we began to put on gigs was due to the teenagers I was meeting whilst I began to work at the Youth Centre. They used to talk about gigs, and at that time most of the gigs that were of interest was in Gillingham which was a trek for some of the kids. I decided to put gigs on there to get teenagers interested in many new bands, localised gigs for the people around this area and I wanted to create something unique, hence why each gig has a different name/theme.
I really love the idea of a different name or theme everytime. You started out quite small but have done so much great work in such a little amount of time, you are very professional in your approach, do you have any advice for people who want to put on their own shows?

First of all thank you very much for the kind words, they are greatly appreciated. My advice for people putting on shows such as we do at ‘Into The Pit’ is to associate and meet a wide range of people with a knowledge and a passion for live music, gigs, promotions. Many people often use the phrase “It’s who you know” and in terms of putting on gigs it is a very useful thing to take on board. I know many people in bands that have connections with people in bigger bands so it is always useful to talk and meet these people. Secondly, the team and people you work with; Make sure they are dedicated, hard-working, and focused on making the event the best that you have put on. Finally: Go in to each gig with an open mind but also with a goal. Keep thinking to yourself about how many people you are bringing in to your gig. I check every hour. For example: At ‘The Rebel Bass’ on the 23rd of May we wanted to beat our record of 116 people at one of our gigs. We beat the record and 172 people were through the doors, enjoying themselves!
172 people through the door? Thats a huge acheivement, Congratulations  What has been the highlight of you putting on shows?

The highlight for me has been the reactions we are getting from bands, music lovers, the crowds and even the team. It has been fantastic hearing what the crowd have thought about the gigs we put on; their suggestions and comments never go unheard. Another highlight for me has been the opportunity to meet new bands, get in contact with bands from when I began going to gigs and getting them to play our venue and even bigger type bands in the underground scene.
Do the artists that play for you appreciate the work you are doing?

The artists we work with are all very receptive and appreciative of the work that the ‘Into The Pit’ team put in to making our gigs stand out from the rest. We often have a chat with the bands and they are amazed at our progress and dedication to creating gigs for the youth around Medway.
Sounds like the hard work is really paying off. Bands that are just starting out might not know how to contact you, how would they go about this?

The best way to go about contacting ‘Into The Pit Promotions’ is by messaging our Facebook page: . We are always responsive with new messages that come through and are always interested in new talent that emerges from each corner of the UK so if you are planning a tour or want to play with us anyway, contact us. We don’t bite haha.
Thanks for that, What is something you haven’t tried musically but would like to in the future?

Musically, we haven’t tried anything that incorporates classical instruments such as violins, cellos, trumpets etc. I am always open to letting instruments like this used in any type of genres play at our shows, it’s just finding the people. Being quite Metal and Rock orientated, the team have never tackled any type of “popular music” at our venue, but if there was a proper calling for it I would definitely consider putting an event like this on.
Great stuff, you seem to be getting bigger and bigger artists appearing on your shows now, What do you think of Medway’s current music scene?

You’re right. We were taking a risk when we booked Silent Descent for ‘The Rebel Bass’ but I am glad we did because it was so worth it. Medway’s music scene can be a bit hard to read at times. If you are a venue that holds regular gigs such as The Beacon Court or Rock Avenue you could have a great night one week and then the next week you are wondering where everyone is. Band wise I am thrilled with our music scene because it always seems to strive when the going gets tough. Last year we had some brilliant releases from Avokan, Near Ruin and now KILL RPNZL. Things seem to be going good at the moment and I am glad that I am part of a team that is bringing energy back to the Medway music scene.

Got a question for the jellyfish?

Sure, OK! So what would The Medway Jellyfish like to achieve in your first year? 

We are hoping to we become a staple in this (Medway) scene and in many other scenes in the years to come. Our first year goal would be to survive on land. Being a Jellyfish and attending gigs is hard work. You ever tried drinking through your tentacles?