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Inevitable Daydream – Brown Acid

October 25, 2015 - All, Reviews
Inevitable Daydream – Brown Acid



Inevitable Daydream are a psychedelic pop grunge group- not only gifted but educated in their glittery sounds; weaving together the *hey days* of the 90s Brit side and state side- fuelled by murky bullfighters angst contrasted with Slowdive esque waves- dreamlike guitar notes greet skies etched by hazy pink, melon haze and blue thunder. Now… that’s enough Joycean stream of consciousness self indulgence on my part. My job is to convince the reader that this is in fact one of the best bands to come out of the South East in the past two years.

Inevitable Daydream formed when Connor Lang and Jack Higham started writing in secondary school. Early sounds were very much reminiscent of Ride, The Stone Roses and Cloud Nothings…. the first single Clouds catapulted them amongst the local scene, picking up gigs in Rafters, Earls and Stepping Stone Studios. Clouds was a dream pop masterpiece with an outro like Vesuvius erupting. The live performance was a beleaguered mess…and when asked in an interview why they behave like this whilst performing they replied.

“We like to scare the audience… by doing something people respond to, it’s not a selfish thing, we tend to write what we hope audiences will like…we don’t actually like our music ha ha!…we just want to liberate the people. We like to play loud and noisy and hope people will become a part of it. You need to scare people to get respect, so it’s all a part of it. There’s a lot of terrible music out there. We are like a phoenix rising from the embers of shit.” – Jack Higham.

Brown Acid, the latest single from the three-piece with new drummer George Bainton, is a stoner rock classic, full of riff and fury. Think War Pigs fucking Bullhead on the battleground of Stratos. The guitar gyrates around a thundering bass riff, hinting at an in utero era nirvana vibe. Vocals rising from the belly of a cave with the words “this is a kind of hell”. Like the band said, it will leave you feeling liberated; for to witness such refreshing honest song writing from a bunch of lads who clearly share common interest in their first love: music is indeed a tantalizing experience; like smoking a bong with Mars water vapor.

Keep a close eye on this band. The best is yet to come. Check them out on the links below.



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