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Get Inuit – Luge Lessons

August 2, 2016 - All, Reviews
Get Inuit – Luge Lessons
Get Inuit – Luge Lessons
Luge Lessons

Get Inuit – Luge Lessons rating

Get Inuit – Luge Lessons simon huntHave you ever seen wildlife in the river Medway? Proper wildlife, not like that woman who always pops into the shop with her pajamas on or that bloke who was sick down himself on the bus, but real wildlife. Nature in its finest and purest sense, for the most part, is difficult to find in the Medway towns. Even local art and architecture has a robust and vague industriality about it. But it seems things are changing, there were Seals in the Medway last week. Great big lumbering-yet-graceful, fat grey Seals sunning themselves on the river banks opposite dockside. Seals in the Medway. It doesn’t happen, or isn’t supposed to anyway. The well versed story is that there is nothing but old knickers, shopping trolleys and Jellyfish in the Medway. But no, there it is. Nature. In our towns.

I feel that way about the local music scene too. It’s always been rugged and aloof, with a certain salty do it yourself punk sensibility that provided distinction and a certain cultural ‘otherness’. This little corner of Kent, with its ‘robust and vague industriality’ has never really experienced mainstream success or widespread acclaim. However; like our local perceptions of nature, I can sense a change in the air. Whisper it, but it really feels like one of our local artists is going to hit the big time, and one of those forging ahead in that endeavour. ‘Get Inuit’ are one of Kent’s best indie pop acts, who haven’t compromised their DIY ethic to get there. The new EP ‘Luge Lessons’ is out now.

‘Get Inuit’ have received a large amount of radio play with their brand of punchy fizzing pop, and are one of Annie Mac’s tips for 2016. Following their Debut 001 EP the band promised that their new effort will be louder, harder and with more emotionality than previously and fans of theirs will most definitely not be disappointed. Opening with ‘I am the Hot Air’, the track is an enjoyably floaty listen. It’s catchy and tuneful with soft restrained vocals which suit the track perfectly. Guitar shines behind in delightful arpeggio, and ensures that the record has space enough to let the melody draw you in.

Both ‘Electrify’ and ‘Pro Procastinator’ are grittier and grungier affairs. Both are melodious but boast a post punk tenacity and stadium hook vocal. The production of the record is incredible, with the cutting guitar tone in command while fuzzy bass demands attention in it’s beckoning simplicity. In places ‘Get Inuit’ are reminiscent of The Vines and Kasabian in others, its radio friendly, catchy and has the depth to back it up.

Luge Lessons’ closer ‘On & On’ is a lovely song. A drop in pace, and a segue into immensely attractive 80s new wave musicality. The enveloping tune will leave you humming along for hours. ‘Get Inuit’ have done an absolutely fantastic job of melding modern and retro tones in ‘Luge Lessons’. The guitar switches between delightful arpeggio and the crunch of a little overdrive, with a rhythm section perfect throughout. ‘Luge Lessons’ is a fantastic effort, which ranks among the best indie pop releases of the summer. It’s been getting a lot of play on Radio One lately, and you can hear why. It has a shine to it that sits perfectly alongside its peers. Remember ‘Get Inuit’s name, you’re going to hear a lot from them I’m sure.

Simon Hunt