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Exoskeletons – Get Lost

September 25, 2015 - All, Reviews
Exoskeletons – Get Lost



I’m writing this on the day it emerged that our Prime Minister engaged in bestial necrophilia. Cameron’s penchant for being fellated by a deceased member of the Suidae family of even-toed ungulates has nothing– whatsoever – to do with Exoskeleton’s debut album, but it would surely be remiss not to mention it. “Get Lost” has been a very pleasant soundtrack to a truly august day in the history of British political sleaze.

Exoskeletons appear to have suddenly emerged fully formed and accomplished; it’s hard to believe that an EP as good as “Get Lost” can have been released by a band that started sometime this summer! Bands that whine about “needing time to gel” will hate this. But Greg (guitar/vox) and Pete (bass) have previously played together as Bad Taxidermy, and Tom (drums) used to be in the brilliant, but sadly departed, Houdini with Greg. The result of this mix is a potent, poppy, fevered sound that fits the Mclusky-Pixies-Compulsion-Hüsker Dü-Queens of the Stone Age, kind of mould.

The EP kicks off with “Not This Time”; a frenetic guitar-shrieking release punctuated with dark bass cleaves and an insidiously sing-a-long chorus. “Owls” follows and it shows off the bands – most probably unintentional – radio-friendly sound which is also on display on “Tusks”. The songs are multi-layered and though short, effortlessly vary the emphasis on each instrument to give them depth and variety. This is very far removed from the “fast-loud- quite-now scream!-fast-loud” formula. “Blue Lighted Away” is a more traditional frantic burst of amphetamine punk but again it’s in a different league to the legion of imitators. “Slurry” is perhaps the dirtiest of the EP’s songs; the bass and drums predominate while the guitar whirls and crashes with precise abandon. Final song “Moving a Muscle” is a brilliant rabble-rouser; it’s bound to get people moving, even at gigs in Medway. Check out “Tusks” here:

“Get Lost” is a brilliant EP made all the move impressive by the fact that it’s the band’s debut. There is a shit-load of truly great bands in Medway – most of them (like Exoskeletons) haplessly exploited by the uber-suits at Skingasm Records – and with “Get Lost” Exoskeletons have immediately catapulted themselves to the zenith of this troupe. Their potent mix of power, pop, fury and hooks may indeed make this band the most likely to achieve real national recognition. Either way, this is a genuinely brilliant, caustic and strangely melodic EP.



Aidan Hehir