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Eleusia – Deep Blue Sea Video Exclusive

July 2, 2016 - All, News
Eleusia – Deep Blue Sea Video Exclusive
Eleusia - Deep Blue Sea
Eleusia – Deep Blue Sea

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been on some major adventures. I have traveled further than any jellyfish before me. To parts of Medway that, quite frankly, I wish I had been warned about. There has been rather strange weather turning the roads into wondrous rivers. I’m normally in the smack shack soaking up some rays but recently, well I’ve been jumping from road to road via flood to flood. Strood high street was a personal favorite for me. Cheap pizza, a cheap haircut, crackheads and somewhere in the distance, lovely music. I went searching for the sound and came across 4 gentleman jamming some tunes and mashing that jam into a tasty sandwich. They invited me in for a chat and a pancake.

They call themselves Eleusia and they tell me they have a new single coming out called ‘Deep Blue Sea’ from their EP ‘Waves In The Clouds’. There’s a lot of tension in the real deep blue sea at the moment. A lot of oysters voted leave because they want the octopus to go back to the coral reef. The oysters think all the jobs and hospital beds should be just for oysters and no-one else. Shellfish Bastards. So anyway, I’d like to personally thank the Eleusia lads for bigging up the good parts of the sea. They’ve asked me to stream the video for ‘Deep Blue Sea’ exclusively on Medway Jellyfish for you. I was touched.

I told them to stop touching me and agreed to share the video with you.

You can also enjoy it on Soundcloud and Bandcamp:

Upcoming Eleusia Gigs:

2nd July Poco Loco, Chatham – Deep Blue Sea Single Launch – Spyplane and Ferocious Lopez support.

23rd July Poco Loco, Chatham – Homespun Festival 2016

29th July Prince of Wales, Chatham – Weekend Recovery E.P. Launch with Eleusia support

6th August The Nags Head – Rochester – Headline Show – Flat Gravity support.

Find Eleusia: