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Eleusia – Waves in the Clouds

September 29, 2016 - All, Reviews
Eleusia – Waves in the Clouds
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Waves in the Clouds

Eleusia - Waves in the Clouds rating

Eleusia - Waves in the Clouds Simon HuntWe here at the Medway Jellyfish are an opinionated bunch. It comes with the territory, you know; being an opinion-based publication and all that. We’re basically the Mary Fucking Berry of local music (and just as sexy). Haughty, uncompromising and fussy, we each offer our individual viewpoint on a particular subject (and more often than not disagree even with eachother!). We offer constructive feedback which occasonally offends, or even more occasionally can help an artist push on and further improve their work. One mans shit is another mans ket-inspired three hour jazzcore concept album about plug sockets. Art is subjective, and besides; if we aren’t honest when we think something isn’t particularly good, how can you believe us when we say it is? One record that we do think is rather good and has us really bloody excited is the new record from Eleusia ‘Waves in the Clouds’ which is set for release on the 1st October.

The Medway based Psychedelic Funk Rock quartet have been teasing us for the past few months since they released the video for ‘Deep Blue Sea‘, which opens ‘Waves in the Clouds‘. We’ve been excited for this EP since, and i’m delighted to say that the wait was worth it. The record is every bit as good; keeping the mood and groove of the impressive single. The vocals are crisp and full of clarity, funky rolling basswork complemented perfectly by the crash and draw of the drums whilst the guitar interjects occasionally, easing in before launching into grand, full blooded solos. The tone of the guitar is rich and tasteful, consistent through each track with decent use of wah in ‘Fly Away‘; unselfish playing which does well not to overwhelm the tracks.

The EP sounds great, with no element failing to complement the flow of the record or the bands immediately recognisable sound. You can tell listening to ‘Little Devil Girl‘ and ‘Dancing to the night‘ that Eleusia wear their influences on their sleeves, with warmth in the funk, a touch of gritty medway charm and the strong direct vocals you’d expect from a decent funk rock band. They sound like themselves, there’s no faux inflection in the vocal, no seventies glitter or shine and seemingly nothing forced about their image or music. Eleusia just sound like a competent band playing exactly how (and what) they want to.

However, I do have to mention something that has been bugging me since half way through listening to track three ‘Fly Away’ (which is the one with the really cool wah solo I mentioned earlier). The track itself is a touch less rocky than the others on this EP, which isn’t a bad thing in itself, it has a really chilled out feel to it. But, and this may just be me (and please feel free to call me out on this), but there is a bit of a Simply Red vibe going on? Like Simply Red if they had more guitar, and a decidedly less annoying vocalist. The track falls a little flat compared to the others, and while I admire Eleusias brave decision to attempt such a nonchalant/chilled/relaxed song as this, it does feel a little out of place, wah solo aside.

‘Waves in the Clouds’ is a really good record, certainly an amazing EP from one of our locals scenes most promising and talented bands. Eleusias quality here in the opening track alone is enough to ensure our attention and the rest of ‘Waves in the Clouds’ is a bloody good listen (despite the simply red thing – sorry). The record is released on the 1st October with an EP release party at Poco Loco, Chatham that night. Eleusia will be playing Poco Loco twice next month so there is absolutely no fucking excuse to miss out. Be sure to give ‘Waves in the Clouds’ a listen, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Simon Hunt