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DROPTHIS – Spitting Feathers

July 13, 2015 - All, Reviews
DROPTHIS – Spitting Feathers



If you sit anyone down who has a passion for punk and ask them what they want from a track, from the seasoned veterans to the hardcore kids wearing girls jeans; they will likely answer the same. Fast, hard, loud, fun… DROPTHIS take all those elements and do exactly that in their Spitting Feathers EP. When you look at a tracklist and no song lasts much longer than 3 minutes, with titles like “Where Is Your God Now?” and “Exploit Me” you know that you’re in for a treat.

The opening track “No Solution” opens with a Hanna Barbera-esque 50s radio jingle that seems to mention Medway (Does she say Medway or is that my ears playing up? What even is that jingle? Seriously… Anyone? Answers on a postcard*). Anyway; it’s an excellent way to kick off proceedings, immediately followed by a fine bit of guitar-work reminiscent of early Gallows efforts. The song itself is standard punk/hardcore fare, with vocals bouncing between sneer and a scream with the bin-lid drum snare complementing nicely. The breakdown at the end though is my personal highlight, all rabid screaming and aggressive angular riffing. Should DROPTHIS indulge their hardcore side a little more, well; icing meet cake.

No Hard Feelings” has much more of an early 2000s feel to it, almost pop punk in places, and I’d have loved this track ten years ago. All being said, it’s actually really very well done. The rolling bass/guitar and frantic drum comes across as both nostalgic and properly genuinely fun without ever feeling forced. In an era where sneering irony is mandatory it’s nice to hear a band with such genuine and obvious affection for these bands. In fact, name any early 2000’s punk band and I bet DROPTHIS have it on their CD shelf… Just don’t remind me how old I am.

Where Is Your God Now?” is unequivocally my favourite track on Spitting Feathers. If it smells like punk, tastes like punk and makes you want to punch a colleague (cause you’re listening to hardcore punk at work) then it’s doing everything right (I think that’s the right expression!). Manic from the off, all 5 members seem to be locked into a relentless frenzy playing with perfect abandon. Also, the Matt Berry sound-clips alone make this track – I owe you a pint, made my day!

Exploit Me” continues the fast pace laid down in the first half of the EP, with the same pop-punk echoes as “No Hard Feelings.” Perhaps the most musical track of the EP, the song has a satisfyingly catchy vocal line which thankfully doesn’t detract from the excellent punk fare on show. I just have to say that the song lyrics “I don’t like your opinion and I don’t like your face” suit my work mood today perfectly.

The EP’s final track “Cheval Incroyable” is something truly special and I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you discerning reader. Just do yourself a massive favour and listen to it now. It’s amazing.

DROPTHIS describe themselves as merely being 5 blokes who enjoy playing punk rock music, with a bit of hardcore thrown in. You can hear that they really are enjoying it too… and really, what more can you ask for? With a relentless pace that is all too often found missing in the modern punk scene, The Spitting Feathers EP gives a short sharp taste of what DROPTHIS have to offer and makes for a fine first impression to a band on the rise.

It’s good, listen to it.

(*) – only sexy postcards will be accepted




Simon Hunt