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Drawstring – Three

February 15, 2016 - All, Reviews
Drawstring – Three
Drawstring - Three

Ricky Patel - Atmospheres rating

Drawstring Three mike SewellTwo piece “Drawstring” bring out their 3rd EP aptly named “Three”. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken the time to fully sit down and take in this EP. Now I have, its time for a review.

Firstly I will say this isn’t ground-breaking music. You won’t listen to this and want to change the way you think or the person you are. Sometimes though music isn’t just about that. Sometimes its just there to be enjoyed. The band hailing from Rainham and Gillingham offer their third EP for us to taste. Let’s tuck in.

Twenty seconds into the opening track “Chill Pill” and I feel like the production quality of the EP is very poor and muffled but just with everything in life I assumed far too quickly. The track explodes into my ears. I’m met with a technically safe riff but in my humble opinion some of the best riffs are exactly that. This isn’t one of the best but I’ve got nothing against it. It works. I hear a lot of Hawthorne Heights influences with the cross over of melodies in the songs. The song itself is solid. The gang vocals on sections are a nice touch but again nothing is shocking me. It’s the music I grew up on, but maybe I’m old and stuck in my ways? The breakdown, to me, was a massive let down. You had a lovely section of palm muted chords and a build up straight back into the beginning riff, again there is nothing wrong with this but it felt like some vocals over the breakdown would have pushed the song a bit further. My starter was slightly over cooked but I still lapped it up. YUMBO

Atmospheric guitar picking builds to start the 2nd track “Blister”. A minute later another layer of guitar comes over the top, yet again another lovely riff. This build up is beautiful. Another layer adds to this composition and I’m still loving it. This song has so much potential. A minute(ish) from the end and feedback screams in, the whole band join, finally a build up that delivers and delivers well. I hear a lot of Brand New and some slight hints of Glassjaw influences in this number (and band). Drawstring has a tendency to write lyrically short songs. This one only containing three lines. This isn’t a dig, just an observation. Some of my favourite acts throughout the years would only have a few lines and for me some songs are destroyed by bad lyrics. It’s strange to have a cake with so many layers for a main but I’m paying for this meal and dammit Ill decide what I have for a main course.

No messing about with the final track “Mountains”. No intro just straight into gentile stroked chords with some of the vocal highlights of the EP. A verse standing alone on its own followed by a follow up verse with some succulent backing vocals that really add depth to a very personal verse. “Don’t try to change me, I’ve not even turned nineteen, I’m fine with waiting, But you don’t think that’s what I need.” Giving a sense of someone that is being asked to grow up far too fast. Unlike previous songs this is filled with lyrics and is a welcome change. This song has a soothing melody that really carries throughout. My cheeseboard for desert was what I needed.

It’s refreshing to hear such a young band writing songs with passion and even though some elements of the songs I am not keen on, The EP in full is very impressive. You must remember they are young and if this is the start then I’m looking forward to see what the future holds.

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Mike Sewell