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Crybaby Special Interview

July 16, 2015 - All, Interviews
Crybaby Special Interview

We heard shrieks and cries coming from the pier and decided to try and see if we could help out. It turned out to be Jason from Crybaby Special writing some new tunes. We asked if we could have a listen and a catch up.

Howdy Crybaby Special. It’s been quite a while since we heard from you, how’s it going and where have you been?

We’re all very well, thank you. We’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work and we’re extremely excited to play our new materiel live!

That’s great to hear. When and why did you first begin playing?

Honestly, I have absolutely no idea. I just have to do this or I’ll burst.

What advice would you give to beginners?

Get a good manager!

You’ve always recorded with Jim Rileys at Ranscombe Studio, what is it that keeps bringing you back?

A few reasons, mainly Jim Riley’s expertise. The man is a magician! Not to forget Brenden who is an excellent engineer. Another important element to recording is a good atmosphere which is easy to loose in a studio environment. Ranscombe oozes creativity.

You have been around this scene for quite a few years now, have you noticed many changes? Anything you prefer now?

Yeah, plenty of changes. The main one is the lack of venues nowadays. Sad times. Even more of a reason to support the ones who have managed to survive the economical climate.

The lack of venues is very sad. Where do you find your own inspiration and how personal/biophraphical do you like to get with your lyrics?

I rarely write a whole song on one subject. One of the only exceptions is “Lay Down With Me”. Instead I look at music as a piece of art. If it sparks the emotion I’m looking for, I’m happy and I’ll roll with it. “Belzebub Boogie” had no real words in it at all but it worked for me.

That’s a really interesting way of approaching song-writing. Is there any exciting news you’d like to share with us?

Yes, but I don’t count my chickens until they’ve hatched. Come back to me on that one…

We will make sure to keep an eye out.

Now do you have a question for the Jellyfish?

Do you believe in God, if so…which God?…If not…why not?

We believe in Poseidon (we kind of have to, him being God of the sea and us sharing his abode)





Photo by Phil Dillon