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Bear Vs Manero Interview

July 17, 2015 - All, Interviews
Bear Vs Manero Interview
Bear Vs Manero

The Bear Vs Manero chaps released their debut album on June 15th and they’re jumping in the sea to have a chat with the jellyfish.

Hello everyone, The album sounds fucking excellent, What are your thoughts on it?

Thank you. We’re very proud of it and will stand by it til we meet our makers.

How did you all meet?

On We all tied on 2/10.

That reminds me of my days.. You have probably been asked this a lot but How did the band get its name?

It was a fight waiting to happen. We were just surprised we were the first to name a band after it.

You recorded this release and previous releases at Sunlight Studios with Greg Webster (Punching Swans), How was that for you? Any reason you keep going back to him? Does he smell nice?

A breeze and a lot of fun. I didn’t get close enough to greg to really experience the stank as he carries a crocodile Dundee-style ‘call that a knife’ knife and nods to it frequently.

You are playing in France supporting Wo Fat, are you looking forward to the show?

It’s going to be a lot of different to anything else we’ve done before. Definitely an away fixture but we’re going to have a lot of fun with it.

Great stuff. Where do you find inspiration for your lyrics? How personal/biographical do you like to get?

To much cheese before bedtime helps with inspiration. I don’t really get personal in the most obvious way, but there are certainly little references to things that I like and dislike throughout.

If you had to pick one of your tracks for our readers to listen to, which would it be?

I’d personally pick Water Sheep. Think it has a bit of everything about us.

Good Choice, It’s a banger. What inspried this new release (in terms of the title and artwork)?

Paunch feels right for the sound. The album is bloated but the result of various indulgences and totally worth it.

Plus we all have a paunch.

Who would win the fight, The bear or the manero?

I think we always seem to side with the bear. As the underdog though it’s hard to not hope Tony toughs it out and wins on points.

I’d like to leave it a open book until we all get heroin addictions, split up and then decide to get back together to do a free jazz reunion album. I’ll scat the shit out of the whole conflict and draw it to it’s logical conclusion.

What is something you haven’t tried musically but would like to in the future?

Personally, a wall of noise piece involving 15ish+ people with horns and strings. We did it on a slightly smaller scale (8 people) for the yee naaldlooshii split and it was tops.

Nice. Got any questions for the jellyfish?

 If a band strikes a chord and no one is around to hear it, do Medway council still submit a noise abatement order?

Yeah. Unless it’s Peter Andre. We all fucking love Peter Andre.

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