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Avagrace Interview

August 2, 2015 - All, Interviews
Avagrace Interview

Avagraces recent release recevived raving reviews all across the board. We decided to board their ship (in a non-sexual way) and have a chin wag.

Smashing EP lads. I saw you had a gig in Camden for the launch (sorry i couldnt make it. I was with my smack*). How did it go?

We had the best response from any show ever, had over half capacity of people there solely to see our band with some people travelling miles and miles to come and see the show. All of the support bands were great (Milo from Venus & Fake the Attack) so thanks to them too! And thanks to everyone who came down and picked up a shirt or cd!

That’s great to hear. You got a good review from us on your EP; whats everyone else been saying?

We’ve only heard good things since we released the record. Alot of people are happy with the direction weve taken with this EP including more harder riffs & screaming aswell as the opposite side of the spectrum with more atmospheric tracks such as Upon Reflection. We’re actually writing and demo-ing for an album at the moment and we can already tell our sound is progressing even further, so we’re excited for people to hear the brand new material!

You are already demo-ing for an album? That’s fucking awesome, we will make sure to keep our tentacles out for that one. Your video for Beauty of Sleep was filmed at Chatham Dockyard by Tommy Reynolds. How was the experience and who came up with the idea for the video?

Tommy and Chris always work really well together in developing a theme and concept for the storyline. So the narrative was their love child, in regards to the space we used its a space thats always fascinated us, we seem to have spent alot of time in the No3 Slip (which is the slip we shot in on the mezzanine floor) and we (Tommy included) have been trying to secure this location since before we shot the video for Two Years. Luckily with a bit of help from our manager Ray Hill in harmony with Tommy we got the space and it was so worth it! The experience was great we also had a drone camera operator down, we had a lot of fun that day! We’re all absolutely over the moon with how the video came out, cant thank everyone who was involved enough especially the staff at the Dockyard and of course our main man Tommy Reynolds!

Lads, Its Friday night at The Seahorse Tavern and its my round. Whats your tipple?

Well we are all pretty keen on Jager Bombs! So probably a shed load of those badboys, perhaps with some Gin & Tonic chasers.

Jager Bombs, Gin & Tonic Chasers & Squid ink shots all round. If you had to pick one of your tracks for our readers to listen to, which would it be?

I think thats a hard one because every track has a different feel and deals with a different issue through the music and lyrics, so it really is unique for every person. Probably best choice overall from this EP would be Two Years, i think its something everyone can relate to, plus its got a bit of everything in there!

Now the question everyone wants to know the answer to. Shag, Marry, Kill. Dame Judy Dench, Caitlyn Jenner (Post-op) and Dawn French in 1999.

Well you havent made that an easy choice at all. Definitely kill Dame Judy Dench, shes had a good life, and to be honest being an actress, there will probably be some sort of plot twist and she would end up being alive anyway, so all good on that front. Marry Caitlyn Jenner because shes now a lady, but was a man before so realistically shes going to have a good unbiased life balance. Best of both worlds some would say. And shag 1999 Dawn French, because we would be like 10 back in 1999 so we would be the don’s of the playground, plus she would probably later on be locked up for child abuse which would of done the whole world a favour. And you cant put that sort of thing past her, she did play a vicar for years…

Beautiful answer. Whats next on the horizon for Avagrace?

Well as i said we’re currently writing and demo-ing for an album so we’re gonna be pretty busy locked away doing that. Having said that we are playing select shows in between to make sure we get out and see everyone and keep loyal to our favourite part of this band which is playing live.

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*A group of jellyfish is called a Smack.