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Avagrace – Earth, Wind & Liars

July 16, 2015 - All, Reviews
Avagrace – Earth, Wind & Liars
Earth, Wind
& Liars



Finding their style and absolutely fucking smashing it, Avagrace are going from strength to strength. The latest release “Earth Wind & Liars” is a perfecto example of this. The EP itself (now available to download from all good online retailers, and for £4, it’s a steal) lasts around 25 minutes and feels like an EP that just flows from start to finish. I press play and before I know it the EP has ended and left me wanting more, few EP’s have made me feel the way, and this is the first one in a long time. Avagrace have evolved over the years, their first EP was in April 2013 and was called “Letters to Home” and even though I do really rate that EP, I was always hoping for some brutal screams and a heavier drummer to really push this band to the next level, and guess what, THEY FUCKING DID IT.

The EP only came out on the 19th July and has already had 3 separate spins on Alex Barkers Fresh Blood show on Kerrang Radio. As well as bringing out their new EP they also treated fans to a new video shot by Tommy Reynolds in Chatham Dockyard, this video already has over 2k views and the number is rising everyday.

AvaGrace have earned their reputation from relentless gigging and their tight live shows. The last few years have seen them sharing the stage with: Lower Than Atlantis, Mallory Knox, Dance Gavin Dance, Broadway, Closure in Moscow & Many more

Enough with the stats lets review “Earth Wind & Liars”

The records starts with a beautifully atmospheric instrumental intro ‘The Lost Cartographer’ as introductions go this a bit of a gem, well crafted with ambient sounds of the wind in the background. The last chord is struck at 40 seconds, guitars start feeding back, swallowing you up and spitting you out for the next track “Lie Ability”. Explosive drums bass and guitar fill the airwaves. You get treated to tasty picking section before the song breakdowns and Chris Horton (vocals) introduces himself to the EP. I’ve not heard many people with a vocal range like his. The closest comparison I can make is the main singer from the American band Broadway. Very impressive I must say.
This song is a perfect opener. Heavy hitting and very catchy, melodically and musically. A Tremolo picked solo that leads into Ben Goodey smashing out some beautiful disgusting screams and Chris Horton singing “You’re to blame, for everything”. And Gang vocals, nice touch.

II years” is track 3, This song has been available for a little while now and even has a very story driven video to match it. Hard-hitting and very emotional, just like the band. Will Evans (bass) & Alby Wallbank (drums) really stand out for me in this song. Will carrying the band while Alby absolutely smashes fills throughout the song. The improvement is songs from just the addition of these members is absolutely crazy. 2 minutes 40 in, the band stops and Will leads with a booming bass line that drops and the whole band join back in, Ben again screaming but then coming out with some very nice clean vocals that really suit the track and really compliment Chris.

The next track is “The Beauty Of Sleep” with recent spins from Kerrang Radio and a brand new video for you to view, Ill let you decide, Keep your eyes and ears out for Alby on this track, an absolute musical genius at work.

Upon reflection’ the last track from Avagrace, starting with some savvy screaming, for me this is how a song should start. Both guitarist complimenting each other to perfection, truly impressive drums & bass work and clean vocals that to me really are spot on. I must also state throughout the album that both guitarists really know what they are doing and know exactly how to work with each other. Also massive kudos goes to the backing vocals as well. All encapsulated in this last song.

I’ve been listening to this EP for just about a week now and find myself singing random sections from it pretty much all the time. If you are looking for something heavy, something with some fucking heart, something that will make you move, this is for you.

If you like old Funeral for a Friend, Finch, Broadway etc but wish they would just grow some more balls, through in more screams and breakdowns then this is the one for you.

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