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Ashes – Deadman’s Tales

July 15, 2015 - All, Reviews
Ashes – Deadman’s Tales



Ashes are a hard rock four piece from the UK with a sound that’s somewhere between early Led Zeppelin and Randy Rhoads era Ozzy.

Their single, Deadman’s Tales, was released last November, and starts with an intro straight out of the Deep South, with a heavy leading beat from the drums and a slick bit of lead guitar straight out of Keith Richards collapsed veins. The intro fades into nothing, and out of nowhere the main riff smacks you in the face. It’s the musical equivalent of snorting cocaine with Jack Nicholson on a yacht or something.

The song itself is a tale of danger and badassery in the Wild West, or it’s a metaphor for something I don’t quite understand. Either way the imagery and riffage packs a punch, mixed with the marching band-style drumming in the bridge, barbaric guitar solo and the screams at the end of “I’m the walking dead” (fuck yeah) this single is the bollocks.

For fans of old school rock n roll, done properly (aka nice, loud and in your face). Find Ashes on facebook, or buy the single Deadman’s Tales on their bandcamp.




Liam Lynott