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Allfather – No Gods, No Masters

July 30, 2015 - All, Reviews
Allfather – No Gods, No Masters
No Gods,
No Masters



Sludgy as fuck. Doomy like hell and hardcore as hardcore can fucking be. Welcome to Allfather.

I hadn’t heard much from Allfather previously but upon receiving the request to review it I was very pleased to press play and instantly feel right at home. It reminded me of being young and not giving a fuck. You just can’t go wrong with some fucking aggressive hardcore. I’m going to two step, dig some graves and spin kick the shit out of these tracks, ill be back as soon as possible to review.

The Great Destroyer” starts with audio of a child talking to an adult about the world and how he doesn’t like the world rule. Im a huge fan of the added audio (I do not know what its from, does it matter? Fuck No!) The chorus is full of rhythmic hits, which really shows the tightness of the rhythm section and drummer of this band. The kid makes his triumphant return, this time angry at everything and everyone (cause fuck you that’s why) he is supported with a lovely running bassline and then full band joining back in with a brutal breakdown. I couldn’t help but bang my head on the bus. Drums come in with a filthy riff to compliment it beautifully to fill a Heartfelt gang vocal section perfectly. The vocals after the breakdown show a different scream/growl that I’d like to hear a bit more of from the vocalist; regardless the track is top notch.

Next track is “No Justice / No Peace” a fast paced perfect for two stepping track that from the get go gets your blood pumping. Id want to hear a tiny bit of variety in the vocals but saying that are actually really strong for this song, reminding me of an early Hatebreed. Rhythm sections are tight and very stabby.

The next track lasts 82 seconds and even though it didn’t beat my record in the bedroom (84.36 seconds) “Post-Austerity Blues” definitely packs more of a punch. Its brutal and fast like my last murder, which lasted 82 seconds, coincidence? No. Was it bloody? Yes

The Worms Wont Have Us” is the last song and the EP ends with a gut-wrenching growl. This song does not let up for a second. For an ending song on an EP that is something you want. You want people to be left wanting more and this is exactly what it does.

This EP is full of great songs that need just a bit more to push them further. Personally I would add a bit of variety with the growls and screams. Apart from that I just want more tracks. I cannot knock the band as a whole. Imagine they would be great live and I will make sure to see them as soon as I can. They are playing Beacon Court on the 14th August with supporting Local Hardcore band Pay No Respect, Jukebox Monkey will also be playing on that night.

Overall if you are after very heavy sludgy hardcore 20 minutes this is for you, if you are after a very sludgy hardcore 20 minutes then probably best to try my mum. The EP ends before it begins and leaves the listener intrigued for more yet ready to press play again.




Mike Sewell