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3D – Ugly Nature

July 18, 2015 - All, Reviews
3D – Ugly Nature



I saw 3D live once. Dean Clarke (Synth) was quietly setting up his keyboard in the corner while Thomas Kelly (Vocals) waited patiently, dressed in a suit, tie and top hat. One could only think they were the perfect gentlemen. Then they started playing. Clarke was banging his head like Churchill, the nodding dog, while Kelly proceeded to dance around like a mad man. By the second song Kelly was taking off his top and swinging it around, baiting the crowd into a savage frenzy. As a 65 year old man, I find this sort of behaviour unacceptable. If I saw my grandson doing that I’d be straight on the phone to his mother.

Anyway, here they are with their 3 track EP, Ugly Nature.

It starts with the title track, “Ugly nature”. A synthy sound swells in followed by thumping drums and you realise what you are in for, pure synth chaos. Apparently people make these sounds with computers, amazing. I still remember playing chess on Windows 95. Eventually, I went on to destroy that computer in a depressive rage due to the tragic death of Princess Diana. And as Thomas Kelly’s vocals come in and the song goes on, I’m reminded again of a car crash. One that drags on for 5 minutes. It’s mainly synth with programmed drums and talking over the top. I’m sure the kids will enjoy this one after taking their ecstasy tablets, but it’s not my cup of tea. I prefer a vanilla chai latte.

The second track, “City Night” comes in with a hip-hoppy beat. I was anticipating a young hoodlum to pop up on the track to rap about drinking alcohol and “smashing that pussy”. Then the synth comes in with an 80s pop vibe, shattering any illusion of this track being gangster. I’m not sure what drugs the kids will have to be on to enjoy this one. Probably heroin.

I confess” is the last song on the EP. It’s more synth with talking/singing on top.

A part of me couldn’t help thinking there’s a possibility I don’t like this music because I’m old. So, I showed it to my grandson. Unfortunately, he confirmed my fears, it’s shit. I gave this two stars instead of one because it’s interesting at least. They’re trying something different and i say fill your boots, lads. Just keep it down if you see me walking past.

That being said, this band is worth seeing live. They have a great energy and Kelly is a wacky frontman. I imagine his on-stage antics often involve him dancing in a top hat. I suppose you could also go and see Mary Poppins for the same thing though.



Ken Crumpton