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Witchdoctor – Witchdoctor

May 25, 2017 - All, Reviews
Witchdoctor – Witchdoctor
Witchdoctor - Witchdoctor

Witchdoctor - Witchdoctor

Witchdoctor - Witchdoctor Liam Lynott ProfileWitchdoctor are a 5 piece prog-punk band from the Canterbury and Herne Bay areas, both areas allegedly associated with the Illuminati. A brief look at the cover art for their self titled album shows that Witchdoctor are completely entrenched in the conspiracy to enslave the world. Aside from the pyramid shaped logo and the watching eye in the head of the horned bull of Saturn, the cover art features a weakened humanity dominated by a snake-tongued woman (The Lizard Queen?).

Coming in at 17 minutes and 42 seconds, this album seemed pretty short, but the number may be significant to the Illuminati. It kicks off with “Milk That Cow,” a psychadelic fairground song with marching drums and angsty-prog-dalek vocals.

Buffalo Bill” appears to be about the serial killer of the same name from the film The Silence of The Lambs, a film which featured oscar-winning lines of dialogue like “I can smell your cunt.” It wobbles drunkenly between punk and gypsy jazz, with the oddly everpresent fairground feel.

Jellicide” starts off sounding like a Korean Ska Musical, but between the waves of psychadelia that follow the sinister ambitions of the Illuminati finally emerge; to destroy the Medway Jellyfish in a bid for world domination.

Wrinkly Dinkly” sounds worryingly like an incestuous encounter with a dodgy uncle, and given the name I’m worried and confused, but could dance to it.

Two Noses Are Better Than One” is about having sex with someone that has two noses. There’s also an undercurrent of viagra usage, and mentions of being hung like a trojan (Horse, get it?) but equipped like a Roman (The Roman Legionnaire’s weapon of choice was a short sword, chubby but only capable of piercing penetration). A solid bluesy solo and the cackling laughter of the Lizard Monach end a short, but noteworthy Prog/Punk (Pronk?) (Pung?) album.

Buy it on their Bandcamp page for a bargain of £4.

3 Jellyfish, an interesting and imaginative album, hindered by shortness and a Jellyfish apocalypse undercurrent.




By Liam Lynott